How Do I Find New Launched Websites?

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    What is one way to find newly launched websites?

    Discovering newly launched websites can be a challenge, but our panel of experts, including co-founders, CEOs, and marketing professionals, have shared their top 12 strategies. From exploring domain registration databases to applying advanced search operators, these industry leaders provide valuable insights on how to find the latest online destinations.

    • Explore Domain Registration Databases
    • Follow Tech News Websites
    • Use Website Discovery Tools
    • Monitor With Website Tools
    • Discover Through Web Directories
    • Find Sites via
    • Refine Search Engine Results
    • Discover New Sites With Product Hunt
    • Google Alerts and NewHoo
    • Use Google's Advanced Search

    Explore Domain Registration Databases

    One way to find newly launched websites is by using domain registration databases and search tools. Websites like and allow you to search for recently registered domain names. By filtering your search to show the most recently registered domains, you can discover newly launched websites.

    Maksym Hlukhovtsov
    Maksym HlukhovtsovCo-Founder, BakeBreadBeCool

    Follow Tech News Websites

    In my experience, one of the best ways to discover newly launched websites is by following tech news websites. As someone who's always on the lookout for innovative ideas and interesting startups, I love reading articles and reviews about the latest website launches.

    Websites like TechCrunch, The Verge, and Mashable are my go-to sources for all things tech-related. They provide in-depth coverage of new website launches, with insights from industry experts and entrepreneurs.

    I also love that they often feature interviews with founders and CEOs, giving me a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process and business strategy. If you're a tech enthusiast like me, I highly recommend checking out these websites to stay on top of the latest website launches and developments in the tech world.

    Natalia Brzezinska
    Natalia BrzezinskaMarketing & Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

    Use Website Discovery Tools

    One way to find newly launched websites is to use a website discovery tool that tracks new website registrations and launches. One such tool is "Newly Registered Domains" (NRD) which provides a list of recently registered domain names, along with details about the domain owners and their contact information.

    Another way to find newly launched websites is to use search engines and social media platforms to search for specific keywords related to your niche or industry, and filter results by date to find recently published content. You can also monitor industry news and press releases for announcements of new website launches.

    Jason Moss
    Jason MossPresident & Co-Founder, Moss Technologies

    Monitor With Website Tools

    One way to find newly launched websites is by using website monitoring tools. Tools like Visualping or ChangeTower can help you monitor specific sites for new launches.

    Website monitoring tools aid users in finding newly launched websites in ways such as:

    - Crawling and indexing: Monitoring tools constantly crawl the web and index new websites as they are discovered. When a new website is launched, the device picks it up and adds it to its database.

    - Competitive analysis: Users can track their competitors' online presence with website monitoring tools. This includes monitoring new websites launched by competitors.

    - Trend analysis: By monitoring the web for newly launched websites, users can identify emerging trends in web design, content, and technology.

    To sum up, website monitoring tools help users find newly launched websites. This enables them to stay updated on industry trends, discover new competitors, and gain inspiration for their own websites.

    Peter Bryla
    Peter BrylaCommunity Manager, ResumeLab

    Discover Through Web Directories

    To discover newly launched websites, use a web directory. These are online platforms that curate and organize websites by topic or category, often providing a brief description and a link to each site listed. Their job is to make finding websites easier. Examples of web directories include Jasmine Directory, Yahoo Directory, and Best of the Web.

    When a new website is created, it may take some time for it to be indexed by search engines and appear in search results. However, if the website has been submitted to a web directory, anyone browsing that directory can easily discover and access it.

    Web directories can help discover resources and information on specific topics. Many directories organize websites by subject areas, such as art, music, or business. This can make it easier to find websites relevant to your interests. Besides, many web directories allow users to submit their websites, so you may also find new sites that are not yet widely known.

    Nina Paczka
    Nina PaczkaCommunity Manager, Resume Now

    Find Sites via is a website that aggregates information from newly launched companies to find new websites. Essentially, the new sites announce their launch to Sitecritic and they write a review to give them a source of new traffic. The information from Sitecritic is full of good technical stuff too, very concise and to the point, and easy to access anywhere.

    Alexandre Robicquet
    Alexandre RobicquetCo-Founder and CEO, Crossing Minds

    Refine Search Engine Results

    Use a search engine like Google and refine your search results based on the launch date. To do this, enter a search query related to the type of website you are looking for, then click on "Tools" and select "Any time" and "Custom range" to filter results by launch date.

    The only drawback to this is if the new site that has been launched has been set to "noindex," essentially where the site owner does not want to be found via search engines, but this is pretty rare.

    Harry Boxhall
    Harry BoxhallFreelance SEO Consultant, Boxhall Marketing

    Discover New Sites With Product Hunt

    Product Hunt is a valuable resource for discovering recently launched websites. As a product discovery platform, it curates the best new products and services available online. Users can explore and discuss the latest websites, apps, gadgets, hardware projects, and tech innovations.

    Updated daily, Product Hunt empowers users to find and share cutting-edge websites. The platform's up-vote system provides insights into a website's popularity, making it easier to identify the most interesting new sites. With Product Hunt, users gain access to the latest web offerings at their fingertips.

    Burak Özdemir
    Burak ÖzdemirFounder,

    Google Alerts and NewHoo

    There are several methods for locating newly launched websites. Using a site monitoring tool like Google Alerts is one option. When a new website that meets your criteria is launched, Google will notify you through email if you have set a notification for new websites.

    Using an online directory like NewHoo is an additional option. In order to make it simple for you to locate new websites that meet your marketing requirements, NewHoo offers new websites by category.

    Alex  Constantinou
    Alex ConstantinouManaging Director, The Fitness Circle

    Use Google's Advanced Search

    One way to find newly launched websites is to use Google's advanced search feature. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to

    2. Click on "Settings" (at the bottom right corner of the page).

    3. Click on "Advanced Search".

    4. In the "Find pages with" section, type in a keyword or phrase that applies to the type of website you're looking for (e.g. "newly launched website", "recently launched site", etc.).

    5. In the "Last update" section, select "Past month" or "Past week" depending on how recent you want the website to be.

    6. Click on the "Advanced Search" button.

    Google will then display a list of websites that match your search criteria and were launched within the timeframe you specified. You can then browse through the results to find newly launched websites that apply to your interests.

    Craig Miller
    Craig MillerCo-Founder, Psychologist, and Academician, Academia Labs

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