What's the best search plugin for WordPress?

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    What's the best search plugin for WordPress?

    From WP Extended Search to Relevanssi, here are seven answers to the question, What are the best search Plugins for WordPress?

    • WP Extended Search
    • SearchWP
    • Google Custom Search
    • Ivory Search
    • Swiftype
    • All-In-One SEO
    • Relevanssi

    WP Extended Search

    WP Extended Search is a popular top-tier search plugin for WordPress because of its advanced features and customization options, which enhance the user's search experience. This Plugin’s algorithms were specifically developed to provide more accurate search results, making it easier for users to find what they are searching for.

    Besides that, the plugin enables you to design custom search forms that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your site. This allows you to include specific fields, establish search filters, and customize the appearance and functionality of your search forms.

    Georgi Todorov
    Georgi TodorovFounder, ThriveMyWay


    A terrific set of tools called SearchWP lets you personalize the search engine on your website and provide your visitors with the best experience possible. As a result, it's important to briefly go over each of the main SearchWP elements so you can understand the many choices and capabilities.

    Move the slider all the way up, for instance, if you want your article titles to appear first when someone types in a search. Select the proper dropdowns for each type of content (posts, pages, media, etc.) to define relevance attributes for each type of material.

    To get far more accurate results, keep the weight assigned to content relevance as low as possible. Prioritizing your entire post's contents may compromise the accuracy of results because the same keywords typically recur throughout articles and pages.

    Samantha Odo
    Samantha OdoReal Estate Expert & Chief Operating Officer at Precondo, Precondo

    Google Custom Search

    Google Custom Search is a popular search engine solution for WordPress websites. It allows you to add search functionality easily to your website by using Google's search algorithms and index.

    With Google Custom Search, you can customize the look and feel of the search results to match your website, and you can also specify which websites and pages you want to include or exclude from the search results.

    It provides you with valuable insights into the search behavior of your website visitors, such as the most popular search queries and the average click-through rate. Overall, Google Custom Search is a powerful and user-friendly tool for improving the search experience on your WordPress website.

    Amy Adlerstein
    Amy AdlersteinSenior Retention Marketing Manager , Canvas People

    Ivory Search

    Ivory Search is one of the best search plugins for WordPress websites because it allows you to create customized search forms that can help improve the user experience of your site. With Ivory Search, you can create search forms that search specific parts of your site, exclude certain content from search results, and more. This can help your visitors find the content they are looking for more easily and quickly.

    It is also user-friendly and easy to set up, making it a great option for website owners who want to improve their site's search functionality without having to write code or hire a developer.

    Arsh Sanwarwala
    Arsh SanwarwalaFounder & CEO, ThrillX


    Swiftype is a good option for a search plugin for WordPress because it offers several advanced features and customization options. Some benefits of using Swiftype include:

    Enterprise-grade search: Swiftype is designed for enterprise-level websites and offers high-performance, reliable search capabilities that can handle large amounts of data and traffic.

    Customizable search results: Swiftype allows you to customize the search results page, including the display of results, the order of results, and the information displayed for each outcome.

    Relevant results: Swiftype uses advanced algorithms to rank search results based on relevance, considering factors such as keywords, synonyms, and user behavior.

    Jason Moss
    Jason MossPresident & Co-Founder, Moss Technologies

    All-In-One SEO

    All-in-One SEO is undoubtedly the best WordPress search plugin available today. It helps users optimize their website for search engine visibility.

    The plugin provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including meta tag generation, keyword optimization, and XML sitemap generation. It also includes an integrated Google Analytics integration, allowing users to track and measure their website performance in search engine results pages.

    It is also extremely easy to install and use, and the user-friendly interface makes it simple to configure the plugin settings.

    Michael Lazar
    Michael LazarExecutive, Content Author


    The WordPress plugin Relevanssi is fantastic since it is highly customizable, extremely effective, and simple to install and configure. It's a search engine plugin that can improve the search functionality on your site, making it more user-friendly and straightforward. It has a ton of tools that let you tweak your search parameters, such as a "stop word" list, synonyms, stemming, and more.

    You may also organize your content with taxonomies and custom post types you design yourself. Relevanssi also features search logging and analytics, allowing you to monitor user queries and adjust your content accordingly. That it works well with other popular tools like page builders and caching plugins only strengthens its case as a top pick for websites of any size.

    Philip Atkinson
    Philip AtkinsonFounder, Ignite Images

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